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"Amazing, amazing work from this local Oakland laddie. I haven't enough superlatives for this. Truly-subversive - iconoclastic isn't a strong enough word - this cuts far deeper. A country style with a punk sensibility & a few great jokey-yokel moments here and there. Greatness comes in many dimensions. This man and his cohorts deserve to be household words in this culture and these times!"

Lou Guru, KALX 90.7 FM, Berkeley

"Funny songwriters are rare. Profound songwriters are rarer A profound funny songwriter is a miracle. Joe Rut sings of our inability to know our own hearts with perfect comic timing. His verbal associations are astonishing. The best way to sum up the theme of Rut's record: Being human is painful, paradoxical, and hilarious. And if you meet the Buddha in the road, he just might sing like Joe Rut. Listen to this record and laugh, because the joke's on us."

Joe Quirk, Caught in the Carousel

"It's always a pleasure to spin Joe Rut on undercurrents because he's smart, deeply funny and musical. We always get email...not the 'what the Hell was that?' variety, but the 'where can I find it?' kind."

Gregg McVicar, host of nationally syndicated Undercurrents

"If I could grow another hand I'd give this three thumbs up!"

Performer Magazine

"….not unlike Gram Parsons’ best albums and the classic collaborations of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, it’s terrific—and in Rut’s case, often humorous, sometimes poignant—songwriting that provides an unshakable foundation for all the other musical charms. If Gram Parsons and Kinky Friedman had a baby, it might have been Joe Rut."

Derk Richardson, Peghead Nation

"Ok so we fell in love with this guy before we even had our first cup of coffee today. Usually it takes at least a few beers and a shot of whiskey for this kind of true love. "

Indie Folk Americana

"Multi-instrumental jam magic... though Rut's props and lyrics are mostly of the overtly humorous kind (think Mojo Nixon with a bigger vocal range) they don't detract a bit from the sheer energy and passion underlying the compositions."

Nicole Gluckstern, SF Bay Guardian

"Joe Rut had the throng convulsed."

Gar Smith, Berkeley Daily Planet

"Joe Rut has a finesse for finding humor in life's inane moments..the lyrics [to Injured While Faking Own Death] are abruptly hilarious...but lyrics are just half of Rut's charms."

Kathleen Wentz, "Ear Bud", East Bay Express

"Joe Rut may not be a household name, but fans of alt-country, Americana, and folk will quickly find themselves drawn to the creative ramblings of this quirky character."

Glide Magazine

"Don't miss Joe Rut. Rut sings the praises of a girlfriend with Barbie Feet, a drug-addled ex ('Dosey Doe') and a woman fascinated by Fantasy Island start Herve Villachaiz...It may sound like folky rock but it's pure comedy"

Andrea Abney, San Francisco Chronicle

"Joe Rut is one of the wittiest songwriters I know. He puts on a great show too!

David Gans, Host of Grateful Dead Hour, KPFA, 94.1 Berkeley

"Bruising alt-country."

Dan Strachota, SF Weekly

"I don't know why he has to play so loud is all."

Joe's mom
Guitar Player Right Action