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Genuine Wood Grained Finish (1999)

Genuine Wood Grained Finish (1999)

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Joe's first album, recorded in a cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains over a 2-year period. Introspective Americana with psychedelic pop/rock highlights. Guests include pedal steeeler Joe Goldmark (Jim Campilongo, Red Meat, The Seducers), and fiddle great Jeremy Brown (The Spikedrivers, Treif).


  1. Filter
  2. Find My Way Marie
  3. 1400 Years
  4. So Long Lazy Ray
  5. A Tuna Is A Damn Big Fish
  6. El Dorado
  7. The Sea Is Full Of Monsters
  8. A Place In All This
  10. A.M. Land
  11. Whole Month of Sundays
  12. Penny From a Poor Man